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Hey purposeful human. We're Alex & Thomas, and we believe in a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning & fulfillment in their lives. We wake up every day to create that world. 
HEY Coach. Alex here. The one cheesin’ hard on the right. I’m 1 of 2 Purpose Pioneers. But let me back it up a little, pre purpose days. 

Have you ever felt SO frustrated because you just couldn’t explain all of the awesomeness in your head in a way that resonated with people?


Feeling like you’re doing so many things but no one is biting and saying YES to what you have to offer? 

YEP. WE HAVE BEEN THERE. Thomas, that lovely gentleman to my left, had his own company, and I had mine, and we worked alongside each at other at a co-working space in sunny Orlando, Florida. I quickly noticed he was SOOOOO good at articulating his words, and getting people inspired, and intrigued to want to learn more. Like every time we were in a room together, he had this way of captivating people with his words. I was like well, I totally don’t know how to do that. 

On the flip side, I knew EXACTLY how to get people to people to say yes to my offering. I was selling my product before I even built it. People were biting and it felt amazing. And Thomas realized, well I have NO CLUE how to do that. 

So we realized, we both had powerful knowledge that complimented each other, and we were both connected through our unique purposes that we wanted to bring to the business world. So, we decided to join forces and birthed Purpose Pioneers which was built on the belief of creating a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning and fulfillment. The balance between TOTAL freedom, and abundant fulfillment. Yes, that is possible. 

But joining forces wasn’t our AHA moment. Yes, we felt lucky that we found each other, but we both knew that the true AHA moment was something beyond us. We could feel it. 

And then..the moment hit us! Like a ton of bricks. Combine our powerful knowledge & unique purposes into ONE SIMPLE SYSTEM. That was IT. 

When we did this, it had a PROFOUND IMPACT on our business...like life-changing. 

And from the minute it started impacting us, we knew we had to share this system we learned with you, so you can keep going out there and transforming lives.

These 3 simple steps to turn your purpose into profit.

So...we started OBSESSING-- like 2am deep convos, forgetting to eat during the workday, locking ourselves in a room with a whiteboard obsessing-- over helping coaches turn their purpose...their story...their authentic self...their impact they want to make on people... into a business, because we believe business is the vehicle for meaningful change in the world. 

And when we obsessed over our purpose, and focused on our ONE thing, we saw incredible success unravel before us. 

We were SO committed to figuring out the solution for ourselves, but also for you. We felt COMPELLED to share these realizations, and now, here we are with a coaching business that gives us full-time income, full-time fulfillment, and full-time freedom.

And we’re sharing this same path with you. 

Because you have a purpose that’s going to make the world, and the people in it, better. You’re worth it. You’re ready for this path. The purpose path. 
Ready to turn your purpose into full-time income, full-time fulfillment & full-time freedom? 
Hear What It's Like On The Inside
“I closed 2 new clients that fit my values profile. Alex & Thomas have empowered me to feel comfortable about speaking my PURPOSE in a public way that I would have never done before even a few short months ago.”

“I found a mentor with the 10x abundant mindset and landed a $16k deal in 60 days.” 

“Alex & Thomas have helped me build something truly transformational. These coaches rock.” 
Kaizen Sales Coach
"You guys. Run. Don’t walk. Get in line NOW. You MUST join the program. Beg, borrow, steal, MANIFEST the investment. SO POWERFUL.” 

“I feel so challenged, encouraged, connected, and empowered to FINALLY get clarity and words around my purpose and values and I’m only on week 2. I never want it to end!!!”

“I just won a $3k account because I acted in line with my values and shared my purpose.”
Empowerment Coach
“I’ve been in the program for 5 days and it’s already blowing my mind. The transformation that's being activated from within Alex & Thomas living their purpose it HUGE.”

“This is beyond worth the investment.”

“I feel so in the flow right now. I am so grateful to have Alex & Thomas as the coaches who are like be you and go through the stuff but also here’s some empowering processes to keep you going at your own pace.”
Manifesting Coach
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